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About Russon Consultancy Ltd

Russon Consultancy Ltd is a relatively new business set up in June 2015.

Janette Russon, Director, recently worked for Intraining part of the NCG group one of the largest training providers in the UK. Main role managing the relationship between NCG and its niche Supply Chain Partners delivering DWP & SFA contracts.

In June 2014 NCG achieved a Merlin accreditation score of excellent 93%.

Russon Consultancy Ltd is owned by Janette Russon who is the sole director.

Janette is also a part-time Assessor with Assessment Services conducting Merlin and Matrix Standard assessments and Excellence Squared delivering a Leadership & Management framework to support Organisations to improve leadership and management capabilities so they can become the best of who they can be.

Our goal and Objectives is to provide a high level but wide range of management and best practice consultancy services to both Prime Providers and/or their Subcontractors/Partners.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality practical hands-on advice or service renowned to provide excellent value for money to support both Primes and their Supply Chain Partners.

Merlin Standard

The Merlin Standard has been designed to recognise and promote sustainable excellence within supply chains and provide guidance to those seeking to achieve it. It is built upon four fundamental and integrated principles; supply chain design, commitment, conduct and review. These principles have been designed to examine key areas of the relationship between a prime contractor and its supply chain partners.

The aim of the Standard is to encourage excellent supply chain management and within this to ensure fair treatment of partners and subcontractors by Prime Contractors, to support development of healthy, high performing supply chain.

About Janette Russon

Over 30 years’ experience of working Government strategy.  The last 13 years’ in the Training and Education sector with more recent focus on the Welfare to Work agenda. Over 4 years’ working in Supply Chain Management including 18 months developing Supply Chain Strategies for tier 2,3 and 4 partners.

Janette 8

A detailed and logical thinker who enjoys the opportunity of initiating and implementing new ideas or projects.

Hard working, responsible and dedicated, activity encouraging input and participation from others whilst maintaining close control, measurement and involvement.

Highly knowledgeable and supportive counsellor who will willingly look to teach and encourage others: can be considered as an expert in her field.


Our Services

We believe professional Supply Chain Management provides a major contribution to overall success not only supporting Prime Providers to deliver their contracts effectively but also supporting their Partners to grow and maximise their individual capacities.
How to ensure your Procurement process is open, fair and transparent from your Initial Expression of Interest following through to Contract Award and Partner On-boarding.


Performance management is to continuously improve the performance of individual and that of the organisation.
We strive to make every business achieve more providing strategies to support you to identify strengths and focus on the areas that of development.