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Here at Russon Consultation ltd, our primary target is to make your business the best. We aim to make your business progress quickly and develop further. You can book a one-day free consultation today taking your first step to get an idea of how we work and how we can support your organisation.

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Shaw Trust

Objective Improve on Shaw Trust previous score of 72% by attaining a good to excellent grade against all 4 Merlin principles.

Result  Previous score improved by 10% to 82% overall achievement good (2016).

Result  Previous score improved by 4% to 86% overall achievement excellence (2018).

“I commissioned Janette to advise and prepare Shaw Trust to meet the required Merlin Standard that promoted excellence in supply chain management. Janette was professional, had great attention to detail, friendly and determined to deliver the best result. I have no hesitation in recommending Janette to any organisation who are looking to improve their capability and capacity. Janette Russon Consultancy provides an excellent service.”
John Williams, National Supply Chain Director, Shaw Trust.

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Interserve Learning & Employment

Objective – To support the merger of two Supply Chain Operations ‘Interserve Working Futures’ and ‘ESG’ combine to achieve a good to excellent grade against all Merlin principles.

Result – Previous score improved to 86% overall score Excellent. Principles 1 & 2 achieving excellent, principles 3 & 4 achieving good.

“Janette has outstanding knowledge of the Merlin Standard and in depth understanding about what good looks like in a Teaching, Learning and Welfare to Work organisation. She has gain this through personal practical experience of successfully managing and developing Supply Chain Partnerships for many years.
She is exceptionally personable and works effectively with internal and external colleagues at all levels. Whilst working with Interserve Learning and Employment on a recent assignment the recommendations she made to improve supply chain partnerships and the practical support she delivered during partner event and at contract performance meetings provided evidence that supported and contributed our self-assessment questionnaire and contributed to the award of our “Excellent” assessment grade.
Her professional project management skills lifted the assignment preparation burden from the nominee and the Supply Chain Managers allowing us to get on with our day job but also learn from the experience and make the right decisions.
I unreservedly recommend Janette to any organisation looking for a consultant with these strengths.”
Claire Copeland, Employability Policy & Audit Manager, Interserve Learning & Employment.

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Castle View Group

Objective – Support the organisation to develop a Self-Assessment Review (SAR) document and Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Result – Self-Assessment Review and Quality Improvement Plan produced successfully.

“At Castle View Group Training Limited Janette has assisted us to product our company Self-Assessment Report and Quality Improvement Plan, proof reading on Expression of Interest Documents and has supported us through our Matrix Accreditation second annual check..
We found Janette to have excellent communication skills, the ability to make things very clear and straight forward and is extremely easy to get along with.
Janette has exceeded our expectations with all of the above tasks, has consistently achieved given targets and deadlines and is excellent value for money.
Castle View Group Training Limited would highly recommend Janette and we look forward to our continued work together”
Helen Holmes, Operations Manager, Castle View Group.

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Hull College UK Training

Objective – Organisation success and performance management. Performance management and reward. Effective performance and reward management. Conduct and reflect upon a performance review. Performance management of your business.

“After attending a course with Janette I came away feeling very confident in being able to go back into the workplace and use the skills and knowledge gained to benefit myself and my team. The delivery and content of the course was excellent and the atmosphere relaxed and informal with plenty of time for questions” I also felt Janette went the extra mile with offers of the delegates being able to drop her an email in the future if we had any questions” I would definitely attend or send my team members on another course with Janette if it was going to be beneficial to the company or individuals CPD”
Cheryl Hogger, Delegate, Hull College UK Training.


Our Services

We believe professional Supply Chain Management provides a major contribution to overall success not only supporting Prime Providers to deliver their contracts effectively but also supporting their Partners to grow and maximise their individual capacities.
How to ensure your Procurement process is open, fair and transparent from your Initial Expression of Interest following through to Contract Award and Partner On-boarding.
Performance management is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation.
We strive to make every business achieve more providing strategies to support you to identify strengths and focus on areas that of development.