We can develop your business.

We look at growing by using techniques such as these:

Effective ‘RAG’ rating process – what is included?
– Process for Green
– Process for Amber
– Process for Red
Different management fee structures for Red Amber Green
What extra services can be provided at what cost?
Sharing of best practice – how often are meetings scheduled?
Do partners get an opportunity together?

Determine what criteria would be a ‘green’ rating.
Determine how to move up RAG scale.
What service is covered in management fee?
Ensure appropriate attendance at best practice meetings.
– League table position
– Capacity building diverse contracts
– Working with other partner organisations

We look at using techniques such as:

  • Design a development plan to move from Red / Amber to Green
  • Business case to reduce management fees
  • Training for staff on how to improve quality and compilance to ensure contractual KPI’s are being met / improvement in customer service
  • Budgeting forecasts / how to improve financial robustness
  •  – What is measured?
  • How to present forecasts and cash flows
  • Working with other Primes to spread the risk
  • Negotiating payment terms


Our Services

We believe professional Supply Chain Management provides a major contribution to overall success not only supporting Prime Providers to deliver their contracts effectively but also supporting their Partners to grow and maximise their individual capacities.
How to ensure your Procurement process is open, fair and transparent from your Initial Expression of Interest following through to Contract Award and Partner On-boarding.
Performance management is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation.
We strive to make every business achieve more providing strategies to support you to identify strengths and focus on the areas that of development.