Supply Chain Partner Procurement

• Adhere to Legislation particularly when ESF is involved.
• Good Practice and unique delivery models.
• Tender processes such as: open, fair and transparent.
• Request and check policies and procedures.
• Involve specialist departments in this process.

• Ability to design/ illustrate unique delivery model.
• Ability to write a tender that covers all criteria requested including examples and measurable impacts.
• Ability to submit Self-Assessment Reports and Quality Improvement Plans.
• Ability to submit robust policies including: health and safety/safeguarding, equality and diversity, whistle blowing and data-protection.

Successful On-Boarding

Confirm all contractual information with partners prior to contacting.
• Contractual KPI’s roles and responsibilities
• Quality and compliance
• Paperwork training
• Day to day management Milestone performance measures/ tolerances

Ensure appropriate Managers attend on-boarding event.
• Ensure suitable Management structure and MI system in place to ensure KPI delivery.
• Ensure full understanding of quality and compliance requirements/ identify who is going to regulate and enforce.
• Process for paperwork to be exchanged
• Full understanding of milestones and performance measures/ tolerances.

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Our Services

We believe professional Supply Chain Management provides a major contribution to overall success not only supporting Prime Providers to deliver their contracts effectively but also supporting their Partners to grow and maximise their individual capacities.
How to ensure your Procurement process is open, fair and transparent from your Initial Expression of Interest following through to Contract Award and Partner On-boarding.
Performance management is to continuously improve the performance of individuals and that of the organisation.
We strive to make every business more providing strategies to support you to identify strengths and focus on the areas that of development.